Useful Information


Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 SRI VX-LINE


  • Excellent Visibility

  • Driver & Passenger Airbags

  • Fully Adjustable Drivers Seat

  • Adjustable Steering

  • Dual Controls

  • Air Conditioning

  • Powersteering

  • Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)

  • Sat-Nav

An Excellent Training Vehicle & Easy To Drive.



Theory & Practical Test Booking And Lots More !!!


N.B. When Booking Tests Make sure you book through the website so your not charged additional booking fees...

Frequently Asked Questions

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Q: How to I obtain a provisional licence?

A: You must be 17 years of age to apply for a Provisional licence, although you can send in your application form 3 months before your 17 birthday. You can obtain an application form D1 from any post office. Fill this out and send it to the address shown on the form. The DVLA supplies provisional licences. You can can them with any questions on 0300 790 6801.


Q: Do I have to pass my theory test before I start my lessons?

A: No you don't. You can start your driving lessons as soon as you have a valid provisional licence. Your theory test will help you with the knowledge on the road and any driving you do will help you with your theory.


Q: Can you help me with my theory study?

A: Yes I offer free theory test help to all pupils.


Q: How many lessons will I need?

A: How many lessons you need is down to how much effort you are prepared to put in.However, you should remember that everyone is different and therefore learns at a different pace. Don't put pressure on yourself by expecting to pass after 5 lessons!The Driving Standards Agency figures for the average time to pass the test is, 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice.Don't be pressured by other people who tell you that they passed after 20 lessons. Think of it like learning another language - how many lessons will it take for you to be fluent? Impossible to say isn't it ?


Q: Must I do Pass Plus ?

A: Pass Plus isn't compulsary, but it is highly recommended. It allows you to build up more skills to make you a far safer driver. It also has the added bonus of giving you discount on your insurance. Some councils offer a grant towards the cost, so its worth checking with them.Best of all, there is no test at the end of the course!


Hopefully that has answered most questions, however, don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions.